The night of the museums

Own Palermo Hollywood Hotel is pleased to invite you to one of the most special cultural events throughout the year: The Night of the Museums.

On Saturday October 31 from 20 pm to 3 am, Buenos Aires and its people will give life to hundreds of museums and artistic expressions that are happening simultaneously in most parts of the city.

There will be a total of 222 museums and spaces that everyone can visit for free to learn more about the art and history of Buenos Aires and Argentina.

But not all is going to happen in museums: there are going to be also exhibitions, music concerts in outdoor venues, film screenings and many other proposals that will be part of the 500 activities of this massive event.

Those who attend this 12th edition of the Night of the Museums will be able to approach one of the six Meeting  spots that will give you very useful information so you can think and program the best routes to experiences this event.

To distinguish the lines of free buses and print a "free pass" you can enter here:

Own Palermo Hollywood recommends every guest to prepare their itineraries and their desire to absorb culture, art and joy and go around the city, its night and its museums.