Plays in Corrientes Avenue

In Own Palermo Hollywood we know that there is a spot in the city to which people can go if they want to enjoy the nightlife and culture of Argentina.

Corrientes Avenue, from Florida to Callao, has the largest concentration of theaters in the city of Buenos Aires. Throughout these 12 blocks, thousands of people gather to see dozens of plays, from purely national achievements to adaptations of international hits.

Every day of the week, "the street that never sleeps", offers entertainment and nightlife fun that can end with a slice of pizza in one of the several classic pizza places of Buenos Aires.

Here is a selection of some of the most recommended plays:

At the Metropolitan theatre, Diego Peretti and Paola Krum star a romantic comedy called "The Goodbye Girl".

"Toc Toc" one of the most successful comedies of recent years, will continue in the Multiteatro theatre throughout the summer.

The famous comedian Antonio Gasalla returns to the El Nacional theatre with "Más respeto que soy tu madre 2”.

"Dracula, the Musical" will celebrate its 25 years of life in the Astral theater.

In the Tabaris theater people can enjoy the musical "Manzi, la vida en Orsai" a show based on the life of the famous Tango poet Homero Manzi.

Also, El Paseo La Plaza, a complex that gathers several theatres and various proposals, is very good place to go if strolling is not an option.